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We are on the edge of a great new horizon. The tools currently in our hands give us capability to design our own reality.

There is an evolution of human consciousness upon us. A time of great remembering and prophecy. We are all children of the stars and creation. This technological age of visionary spirituality will bring about an entirely re-newed view of the world and reality at large. Join us on an expedition into a place where philosophy, spirituality, and technology Unite!. See the Unseen in what is nothing short of the Imagination set free. We are currently developing programs and experiences  to transmit transcedental wisdom through live media in immersive environments and communities that can hold the frequency and transmission of our Cosmic Shamanic ceremonies, initiations and journeys. Come, join us in the quantum entwine that is guiding us to the brighter day




This is only the beginning... What's on the way? VR/AR/XR - Dome Experiences - Projection Mapping. We're dedicted to breaking the dimensional seal. Guided by Inner Visions from the DIvine Creator within, we've been initiated to Alchemize the forces of technology and spirituality to express the many deeper truths of life, restore the super-human soul and our relationship to mother earth. We are the light brighters, the evolutionaries here to embrace the evolution of conscioussness and pioneer into the unknown to express what now can be known. There is a prophecy about the awakening, and also one about our becoming evolved enough to tap into higher forms of communication. Frequency, sound & light along with the subtle harmonics of rythm allow for us to experience the unseen worlds with our eyes open, together in commune with others, in a grand revivial, of a World Dream.



Please share something with us about yourself. Your desires, your dreams. The World Dream is a dream where all of our Dreams fit into a SYBIOSIS of Life and Love

Life is the Ceremony, Each Moment the Ritual

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We are available for Collaboration. Truly the Next Level for all of us is Unity.

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